Going #APEshit! Button packaging mocks before zzz. I promise one day I’ll work on something else…
quick sketchie before bed. At some point I had to do a pin-up pose….so eh. Why not 2:30 in the AM?
Found the reference on quickposes.com…check it out! They have lots of great models and tons of hands and feet poses.
Lesson learned: keep it simple, derptard.
You know you’re in the company of artists at a wedding when everyone pulls out their sketch pens #wedding #sketches #dinner_placecards
quick groot and rocket sketchies.
APE 2014 convention prep time! See you there~!
One day I will choose colors that don’t burninate the retinas. Til then….
A couple hours of vector sketchies cuz fun :) Time to do a few chores before I sleep, but will keep on playing with it tomorrow.