jack skellington from memory….15 minute sketch. I kinda got it right i think…?
sweet dreams!
WIP of the sushi cat. He’s in the middle of getting sanded and primed….poor thing looks a little beat up….
grumpy cat cosplaying as luna. We had an art exchange today and the theme was sailor moon.

….It kinda fits….right? :P
today’s word was 
at work. Just having fun <3
So…I don’t know about all of you, cat-lovers. But lint rollers do nothing for me….
quick sketch for fun. work’s Word of the Day was the Grim Reaper. Whee :)
The Red Lady. 

Couldn’t finish it because too caught up in drawing reflection in water :P but you get the point. Hopefully.

It was fun nonetheless! 

Last week’s weekly drawing working on composition.